ALERTS ONLINE helps you manage all your communications needs. You can subscribe to alerts and choose how they are delivered (email, SMS, fax).

Our service protects you from spam.

ALERTS ONLINE provides services to support the common infrastructure and shared services programme as part of the Government Gateway, with DWP. Through this relationship, adopters of the shared services are able to access all of the ALERTS ONLINE services within the same framework.

ALERTS ONLINE for Local and Central Government

ALERTS ONLINE is in partnership with DWP to provide a leading edge platform for multichannel information delivery. We offer a one-stop shop for your customers to manage all their communication channels and preferences. ALERTS ONLINE offers the latest set of communication channels, including email, SMS, fax, MMS, secure email, OMS Alertsr. ALERTS ONLINE puts your customers in full control, making you truly customer focused.

ALERTS ONLINE for Businesses – customer focus, agility, unlocking information assets

Customer focus and agility are vital for businesses. Channel choice is the first step to delivering true customer focus and ALERTS ONLINE is the next step. To remain agile, you must be able to rapidly adapt to new and innovative ways of communication. While the costs of keeping up are constantly increasing, ALERTS ONLINE keeps you agile in a cost-effective manner. ALERTS ONLINE will help you unlock the information assets of your organisation. The cost of collecting information and maintaining all your information assets is high. ALERTS ONLINE can help you realise their value. Information assets can be used to generate revenue, save costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Spam Regulations

Organisations have to work under an ever-growing set of legislation concerning electronic communications, security and privacy, where even just communicating with your existing customers can be challenging. With spam on the increase, the legitimate use of electronic channels has been made far more difficult. ALERTS ONLINE keeps you legitimate by only allowing you to work within a proven framework. Stay within that framework and you will remain compliant with the latest sets of regulations.

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